Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mozilla Firefox

I have been able to do some fancy stuff thanks to Mozilla Firefox. It's amazing how the browser and browser settings you use greatly affects your internet experience. I am currently using the "Scribefire" add-on for Mozilla Firefox to add this post to my Blog. All I do is hit the F8 key and WALLA, the bottom half of my screen shows the various options I have eg Posting to your Blog, Entries, Categories etc. with the top half showing my Blog. Once you are done you hit the "Publish" button and Bob's your auntie.
Other Add-ons that I have downloaded and installed for Firefox are Cooliris and Piclens. The effects are just awesome. I will be discussing these Add-ons in my next Post but if you ever wanted the 3D feel and Slideshow experience within your browser, these will blow you away.

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